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NDM Consulting is a trusted consultancy service, providing businesses with ISO Certification Auditing and Consulting (ISO 9001, 45001, 14001), Work Health and Safety Auditing and Consulting and Social Compliance Auditing and Consulting. Our services are most popular in Western Australia, but we have clients nationwide who contract our services.

Established on the foundation of building and maintaining key business relationships, NDM Consulting’s milestones revolve around being able to service clients from various industries and states. What sets us apart from competitors is our experience and expertise in a range of areas, including HR, HSEQ, and Social Compliance. We look at the big picture and consider all areas of the business when consulting or auditing.

Our small consultancy stands out from other consultancies in Perth by advising in several areas and providing personalised solutions to our clients. We excel in people management skills and have the ability to put all levels, from management to workers, at ease. We admire people who take risks, treat people with respect, and understand the importance of building relationships to develop systems for their companies to ensure quality, consistency, and sustainability. At NDM Consulting, we are your partner in business compliance.

Why Choose
NDM Consulting?

Custom-made solutions to suit your business needs

At NDM Consulting, we can tailor services to meet your unique business needs, ensuring that you get the best possible outcome. Our personalised approach means that you get the attention you deserve, and the results you need to succeed.

Partner with expert consultants

When you work with NDM Consulting, you work directly with our highly experienced consultants. Our expert has a deep understanding of a range of business areas, from HR to HSEQ, and can provide you with the expert guidance you need to take your business to the next level.

Get premium consulting services

As a freelance consultancy, NDM Consulting doesn’t have the overheads of larger firms, meaning we can provide you with premium consulting services at a fraction of the cost. Don’t compromise on quality for cost – with us, you can have the best of both worlds.

One-stop-shop for all your business compliance and management needs

We know that managing compliance can be overwhelming, which is why we offer comprehensive consulting and auditing services that handle everything under one roof. From ISO certification and social compliance to work health and safety, we have you covered. Partner with NDM Consulting for all your business compliance and management needs, and rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Our Services

ISO Certification Consulting & Auditing

Get certified to the highest international standards with our ISO Certification Consulting and Auditing service. Our experienced consultants will guide you through the process of achieving ISO 9001, 45001, or 14001 certification, providing tailored solutions to suit your business needs. Our comprehensive auditing services ensure that you maintain compliance with ISO standards and continue to operate at the highest level of quality.

Work Health & Safety Consulting & Auditing

Ensure the safety of your workplace and your employees with our Work Health and Safety Consulting and Auditing service. Our expert consultants will work with you to develop and implement effective safety management systems and compliance programs. Our auditing services provide a thorough review of your safety procedures and identify any areas for improvement, helping you to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all.

Social Compliance Consulting & Auditing

NDM Consulting provides comprehensive services to ensure ethical practices in your supply chain. Our experienced consultants conduct thorough audits, review documentation, and assess human rights, employment practices, and more. Trust us for responsible and sustainable supply chain solutions tailored to your business needs.

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Our Process

The Founder & Principal Consultant of NDM Consulting

Noelle is the passionate and experienced founder and principal consultant of NDM Consulting. With a Bachelor of Commerce Double Major in Human Resource management and Industrial Relations, a Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety & as a Associate Social Compliance Auditor (ASCA), Noelle brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her clients. As a certified Lead Auditor in Integrated Management Systems, Noelle is able to provide comprehensive advice and guidance to businesses looking to achieve ISO certification. With her people-focused approach and ability to look at the big picture, Noelle is dedicated to providing tailored services that meet the unique needs of each client.

Frequently Asked

What is ISO certification, and why do I need it?

ISO certification is an internationally recognised certification that demonstrates your business meets certain requirements for the applicable standards, such as ISO 9001 (quality), 14001 (environment), and 45001 (health and safety). It can help your business win contracts and gain credibility with customers and stakeholders.

How long does the certification process take?

The length of the certification process varies depending on the size and complexity of your business, as well as the certification body you choose. Generally, it can take several months to a year or more to complete the process.

What is the difference between consulting and auditing services?

Consulting services involve helping your business implement and improve systems to meet certain standards, while auditing services involve evaluating your systems and processes to ensure they meet those standards. Both are important for achieving certification and maintaining compliance.

Can you help us with other compliance needs, such as WHS or social compliance?

Yes, NDM Consulting offers a range of services to help businesses meet their compliance needs, including WHS consulting and auditing, social compliance audits, and more.

What sets NDM Consulting apart from other consulting firms?

NDM Consulting offers personalised, tailored services to meet your business’s specific needs, with a focus on building strong relationships and providing expert advice and guidance. Noelle has a wealth of experience in HR, IR, HSEQ, and social compliance, and is committed to delivering high-quality services at competitive prices.

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